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FREE: Get $3 Store Credit for Signing Up to The Futurist Email Newsletter

FREE: Get $3 Store Credit for Signing Up to The Futurist Email Newsletter

206 Reviews
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It's the year 2020 and we are all living in a state of information overload. How do you weed out the hilarious, inspiring, interesting, and shocking from the (to put it nicely) straight trash? Well, that's where The Futurist comes into play. The team at the Futurist does the dirty work of compiling the most interesting stories and products on the web into a newsletter and delivering it to your inbox twice a week. This isn't your morning dose of news, but rather the often-overlooked stories focused on the extraordinary. From innovative gadgets to space exploration to mad science happening right here on earth — every story will either make you laugh, gasp, or forward to a friend, guaranteed.

Be the most interesting person on your next Zoom call with these wild facts and weird fables from the furthest reaches of the web.

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206 Reviews
4.8/ 5
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M. E.

Verified Buyer

I just thought to check this newsletter out but was actually impressed with one of their stories... it was called "Encounter Between Sun And Something Outside The Solar System May Have Dramatically Cooled Earth" ...and I was glad I saw it. By the way, The Futurist's editor/developer would be served well if they had more stories balancing out today's 'climate change hysteria' with more balanced pieces by people like Dr. William Happer, Gordon Fulks, Ph.D. or even Gregory Wrightstone. Or say, articles about how Gates has been trying to not just seize OpenAI but oust Musk from the AI hemisphere all in the name of global dominance and a 'no nation state' agenda. Or how about a story regarding fisherman in the Philippines having their lives ruined and families secretly threatened by an over reaching China-junta that will amount to more than just fish but WWIII. Just three of more than a dozen I have thought about wanting to read about.

Jun 25, 2024

Дмитрий Пустовит

Verified Buyer

I like the futurist because now i am receiving an a newsletter and it is good and i recommend to my friends

Aug 9, 2023

Chris P

Verified Buyer

Love it! Such a great purchase and so happy to have made it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Love love love.

Jun 4, 2023

Yomi S.

Verified Buyer

Incredible newsletter on topics such as futuristic technology. I recommended this newsletter for anyone who is interested in learning how breakthrough technology is shaping our world.

Apr 5, 2023

Nashat Alfakih

Verified Buyer

this newsletter is great to stay informed about new ideas and information. the problem is that i have no time to read all these articles!

Mar 16, 2023
Verified Buyer

muito interessante, só não ganhei os 3 dólares até hoje, continuo esperando, não sei se acabou a promoção.

Mar 2, 2023
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