C Programming Language Refresher

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47 Lessons (5h)

  • Introduction: What is our goal in this project?
    About C Language6:35
    Concepts covered in the first project2:53
    Description of the first project5:06
    How to answer quizzes1:43
    How to learn thoroughly: Repeat the code yourself0:34
  • Task-1 of the project: Generation of 10 random numbers and storing them in files
    Let's code: Generate one random number14:46
    Intro to Variable Declarations3:35
    Intro to Pointers5:39
    Function Declarations9:54
    More on scoping10:05
    Arithmetic operators2:35
    Output statement: printf1:07
    Commenting the code2:08
    Let's code: Generate 10 random numbers8:29
    Let's Code: Character array and string copy10:29
    Let's Code: More on strings10:16
    Let's Code: File creation10:07
    Let's Code: Writing into a file6:55
  • Task-2 of the project: Creation of linked list
    Structures and Lists5:08
    Comparison of lists and arrays2:46
    Memory allocation: malloc3:16
    Let's Code: Defining a structure and reading from a file10:33
    Let's Code: Creation of the first list element10:35
    Let's Code: Creation of the 2nd list element8:05
    Let's Code: Creation of the n-th list element10:00
    Why we do not use debugger now2:19
  • Task-3 of the project: Text file reading, String processing, Memory allocation
    Description of the problem6:22
    Array of strings & reading a line from a text file5:31
    Let's Code: add a string array and read from a file8:23
    isspace and isalpha3:41
    Let's Code: get first word from line7:19
    Let's Code: Fill in the string field in the structure element6:48
    Let's Code: Task-3 completion, compile and run9:20
  • Task-4 of the project: Sorting linked list in ascending order based on numbers
    Description of the task: Sorting the list in ascending order5:47
    Let's Code: Sorting in ascending order8:16
    Let's Code: Inserting a node in the list7:52
    Let's Code: Task-4 completion, compile and run4:14
  • Task-5 of the project: Sorting linked list in descending order based on strings
    Description of the task: Sorting the list in descending order1:58
    Let's code: Sorting in descending order11:48
    Let's code: Completion of task-5, compile and run4:34
  • Command-line arguments
    Let's code: A quick demo of using command-line argument7:28
    What are command-line arguments?6:43
    Let's code: Using command-line arguments in code10:23
  • Compiling the code using gcc compiler
    Demo of using gcc to compile the code on cygwin8:50
  • Where do you want to go from here?
    Future additions and possibilites2:33

Reinforce Your Knowledge of C & Apply It to Real World Problems

Gayatri TR

Gayatri TR is a coder and researcher, has several years of experience in coding in C for a wide range of projects encompassing device drivers, embedded systems, natural language and speech applications, algorithms & data structures, and much more.

Apart from these, she has deep interest in several other diverse fields like electronic circuits, compiler design, computational linguistics, machine learning, Samskrutam, music, philosophy, and the list goes on..

Gayatri comes with a very strong academic and industrial background with international exposure. She hopes to bring a positive change in the lives of each and every one of her students by sharing her knowledge and wisdom gained through her years of experience.


This course will help you strengthen your fundamental understanding of C language. Using a real-world approach, it introduces several components of C programming that you may encounter in everyday programming challenges. This is the course to solidify your understanding of C, and give you that extra push you need to ace any important interview or test.

  • Access 47 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand using C in real-world terms
  • Start developing a full-fledged C program
  • Cover many C programming concepts in a rigorous, but simple program
  • Reinforce concepts w/ included content questions


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


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